Retool of your machine

Machine tools are designed for a service life of several decades. Due to new or changed production requirements, adjustments to existing machines are often necessary.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with original manufacturers of all makes and project experience with a wide variety of customers, we implement all conversion measures with perfect know-how - quickly and reliably. In this way, we guarantee continuous production processes - perfectly tailored to your individual machine configuration.

Customer workpieces with GSN process know-how

We carry out a professional retool of your machine!

Fast - competent - complete

Function expansions


  • Additional processing stations
  • Additional axes
  • Conversion of flat to linear guides
  • Conversion / expansion of the tool magazine
  • New machining units
  • Conversion to minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)
  • Additional clamping sequence

Change of requirement


  • Changed processing task
  • Machining units (e.g. tool turret, multi-spindle drill head, ...)
  • Clamping devices
  • Special tools (e.g. pickup)



  • Quality improvement through optimized assemblies
  • Cycle time reduction through improvement of the machine dynamics
  • CE declaration for "significant changes"
  • Energy saving measures through e.g. frequency-controlled drives
  • greater ease of use
  • better accident safety

We would be happy to work out an individual and cost-effective solution with you in order to implement your production task through targeted conversion.

The expert for the conversion of your machine

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Christian Munzinger
Managing Director
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RE. stands for the reuse of existing and proven machine tools up to complete manufacturing systems

- through remodeling, automation, overhaul and relocation.

For your modernization and optimization projects, the GSN team uses technology know-how to systematically and target-oriented analysis of costs, downtimes, cycle times, quality and process potentials.