Remotion - automation for your existing machine


The industry is divided into two areas. Machine tool manufacturers and automation specialists.
GSN offers the combination of both worlds, with a focus on the automation of your existing machine with manufacturer-independent solutions. All from a single source.


We carry out a professional automation of your production!

Fast - competent - complete

Automation cell

  • GSN cellmaster - cell control
  • Robots, preferably Kuka, ABB or Fanuc
  • Gripping technology
  • Protective device
  • Feeding, discharging, buffering
  • (e.g. pallets, belts, SPC, ...)
  • Periphery (e.g. measuring, marking, blowing, ...)

GSN smartRMI

remotion-machine-interface. Manufacturer-independent adapter-kit, universal automation interface

  • Loading and unloading
  • Generating a normal machine break in the event of a clamping problem

GSN smartclamp

is the economical solution for the automation of manual workpiece clamping by retrofitting clamping hydraulics on the machine or autonomously.


In combination with our department for technology & machining processes, we offer you process design, simulation and implementation including clamping devices and tools. Therefore we are your full-service partner to implement automated machining processes in your production.

We would be happy to work out an individual and cost-effective solution with you.

The expert for the automation of your machines

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RE. stands for the reuse of existing and proven machine tools up to complete manufacturing systems

- through remodeling, automation, overhaul and relocation.

For your modernization and optimization projects, the GSN team uses technology know-how to systematically and target-oriented analysis of costs, downtimes, cycle times, quality and process potentials.