The greatest efficiency lies in the ongoing production process with the highest system availability. Regular inspection is the basis for recognizing wear, weak points or errors in good time and eliminating them. GSN provides and organizes the maintenance of production, assembly, testing and logistics systems for well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry.
We offer the complete maintenance spectrum, starting with maintenance work and troubleshooting up to the complete, long-term operation of all maintenance activities according to DIN 31051 and DIN EN 13306.

The experienced GSN technicians, mechanics and engineers guarantee reliable service for your productivity in the area of ​​maintenance.

Immediate availability in the event of staff shortages, rapid elimination of faults - the targeted use of our interdisciplinary service team ensures your production results.

Short term - solution focused

  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair
  • Maintenance & inspection
  • Condition monitoring

Methodical - projected

  • Managing and running the maintenance shop
  • Regular maintenance & inspection
  • Preventive maintenance

Strategic - conceptual

  • Maintenance consulting
  • Spare & wear parts management
  • Predictive maintenance

We would be happy to work out an individual and cost-efficient solution with you in order to ensure fail-safe production through targeted maintenance.

Our maintenance expert

Steffen Köhler
Head of Maintenance Services
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Image - Steffen Köhler