Service for your NBH Maschine from Mosbach

With our service staff with many years of nbh experience in the Mosbach location, we are FULL-SERVICE partners for your nbh series from the manufacturers Hüller Hille, Zuse Hüller Hille, Hüller Hille Diedesheim, MAG and FFG.

Mit unserem Servicepersonal mit langjähriger nbh-Erfahrung im Standort Mosbach sind wir FULL-SERVICE Partner Ihrer nbh Maschinen der Hersteller Hüller Hille, Zuse Hüller Hille, Hüller Hille Diedesheim, MAG und FFG.
Years of experience and innovation
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Spare parts in stock

Service portfolio

Condition analysis, repair & maintenance

Condition analysis

  • Assessment of the machine assemblies
  • Protocol with repair recommendations
  • Machine geometry with result log



  • Error analysis and repair
  • Telephone support and remote diagnosis of the control



  • Annual maintenance according to manufacturer specifications
  • Replacement of wear components
  • Preventive maintenance with replacement of components

Spindle service and overhaul

Spindle service

  • Dismantling with diagnosis
  • Checking and repairing the components


Exchange spindles

  • Delivery within 24 hours
    (if in stock)


Overhaul of the gear spindle tube

  • Dismantling with diagnosis
  • Professional cleaning
  • Measure all functional dimensions and fits
  • Examination of steep taper / tool clamp
  • Balancing the spindle shaft
  • Exchange of all bearings and seals
  • Function test and run-in of the spindle according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Overhaul log

Delivery time approx. 10 working days

Retrofit for mechanics and controls

Retrofit mechanics

Even almost indestructible items need care. We overhaul your nbh assemblies:

  • Turntable
  • Pallet changer & set-up station
  • magazine
  • Exchange of guideways and ball screw spindle
    further information


Retrofit control

We make your nbh fit for the digital future.

  • State-of-the-art data and program transfer (USB, network)
  • New control functions
  • Industry 4.0
  • Up-to-date IT security
    further information

Spare parts for your nbh machine

Spare parts

  • in TOP quality
  • at TOP conditions
  • Over 1000 spare parts in stock.

All from a single source

Used machines nbh series

Secure top used machines with delivery, installation and commissioning. We offer you all services from purchase advice to fault-free commissioning.
We have constant access to several used machines of the series:

  • nbh 95, 110, 135, 155, 170, 210, 230, 290, 350, 410, 630, 800
  • Bluestar 5, 5+, 6, 6+.

For your application, we can carry out a professional retrofit according to the manufacturer's specifications on request.

Function tested

We subjected these machines to a detailed inspection and corrected any deficiencies found.
The geometry is set in the best possible way.

Partial retrofit

The machines are partially dismantled and wear and spare parts that are relevant to quality are exchanged.
The geometry is largely within the tolerance range of new machines.


General retrofit

The machines are dismantled and all wear and spare parts that are essential for function and precision are replaced.
The geometry is within the tolerance range of new machines. You will receive the machines repainted and with a warranty.

Your contact for service on NBH machines

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Marcus Sitte
Branch manager Mosbach
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Patrick Hauser
Sales Service for NBH
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Thorsten Hasselbach
Manager Service for NBH Machines
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