Retool of a production line for VR6 cylinder block

Project data

Workpiece: VR6 cylinder block
Machine: Hüller Hille transfer lines, MAG Specht 550 Duo
Cycle time: 75s for 1,000 workpieces per day


Project scope

  • Scaffolding new workpiece in 10x transfer lines and 4x machining centers
  • Design and implementation of new machining processes
  • Modification of all clamping devices
  • 1x new machining unit with 2x NC cross feed device for new features
  • 12x new multi-spindle drill heads for Hüller Hille Orbiter drill head changer
  • Implementation of processing stations within the transfer lines
  • Control upgrade from Siemens 810M to 840Dsl
  • Various overhauls (e.g. 6m long flat guide)


  • Reuse of 30-year-old machines to manufacture the latest engine technology