Setting-up a new cylinder block in a production line with 30 machining centers

Project data

Workpiece: 4-cylinder crankcase
Machine: 30x machining center
(Ex-Cell-O XHC 241 and MAG SPECHT 500 DUO)
Cycle time: 56s with 250,000 parts per year

Project scope

  • Integration of a new component family with various derivatives
  • Design, simulation with interference contour analysis ("tool hedgehog")
    and implementation of the machining process
  • Construction of 7 different clamping situations with
    manufacture of 30 fixtures
  • Modification of all loading portals and workpiece grippers


  • Balance the process on 7 clamping situations
  • Statistical acceptance with MFU for all machines
  • First commissioning through NC simulation of the complete machining program