Special machine Duo-Duplex: Gear shafts - cutting to length, centering and deep-hole drilling

With our double-spindle and duplex machine concept, we realize end machining (e.g. cutting to length, centering, threading) as well as deep hole drilling (e.g. to save weight or as an oil channel for lubrication) on gear shafts with maximum output. Due to the extremely compact design, the machine can also be ergonomically loaded manually.

Machine Type: GSN Duo-Duplex

Workpiece: gear shafts
Machining: end machining / deep hole drilling
Cycle time: 20s



  • 2-station special machine
  • Combination of double-spindle and duplex machining
  • Use of tool turrets
  • Compact design: footprint 5.7 x 2m (without peripherals)