Special machine Duo rotary cycle: Complete machining of brake calipers

When machining brake calipers, quantities in excess of 2,000,000 per year are required. This requires a concept with extremely short cycle times with maximum availability and output of the system. The rotary indexing principle offers an optimal basis for these aspects.

Machine type: GSN Duo double spindle rotary transfer machine

Workpiece: caliper housing
Processing: complete processing
Cycle time: 15s


  • 6 stations rotary transfer machine with 4 processing axes
  • Double spindle concept
  • Planets with B-axes
  • Use of turret and multi-spindle drill heads
  • 22 NC-axes / 1 control
  • Delivery time: 11 months

In order to do justice to the increasing cost pressure from suppliers, existing manufacturing processes must be completely questioned and aligned more flexibly / cleverly with current technology in mind. In this project, the machining of a brake caliper, with the exception of the connection and ventilation hole, is finished in 5 stations for the first time. The 3-axle units consist of a modular construction kit measuring 630 mm. The size and structure allow very good accessibility of the system. One clamping is sufficient.
This is achieved by using the double-spindle version and a rotary table with planets.  Tool changes are no longer necessary with the 6-spindles turret. The system is designed for a number of similar workpiece types. The cycle time per workpiece is 15 seconds.
This is due to the combination of innovative technology paired with solid rotary table technology. The times of reclamping are omitted, which has a direct effect on the OEE (overall system effectiveness). For production figures> 0.8 million parts / year, this system concept based on a rotary table represents an optimum in terms of productivity, space requirements and maintainability. The cost-effectiveness of this solution was confirmed by the customer by ordering another machine.