Retool of a production line from gear housing to MEB electric motor housing

In the course of the change from conventional combustion engine technology to electromobility, the production capacity of conventional technology will be released.
For a well-known automobile manufacturer, we converted a production line for the manufacture of gearbox housings for combustion engines to the manufacture of MEB electric motor housings.

Project data

Workpiece: MEB electric motor housing
Machines: Production line consisting of 9x Alfing 2-spindle machining centers
Cycle time: 75s for 1,000 workpieces per day


Project scope

  • Design and implementation of new machining processes
  • 18x new clamping devices with different clamping situations
  • Modification of the automation
  • Retool of various main spindles from HSK-63 to HSK-100 including adaptation of the tool magazine
  • Replacing various main spindles with multi-spindle drilling heads